Are Skateboards From Amazon Good

Finding a Diamond in the Rough: Quality on Amazon

Amazon is a treasure trove of deals, but you might have to dig a little deeper to unearth a quality product when it comes to skateboards. Here’s why:

  • Price Point Paradise:  Amazon’s algorithm prioritizes displaying the cheapest options first. This can be great for finding a bargain, but it also means that top-tier skateboard brands might not be at the forefront.
  • Brand Bonanza (or Bust):  Because countless brands sell on Amazon, it can take time to discern reputable companies from those offering low-quality imitations. Research is key!

Don’t Bail Before You Ollie: Tips for Finding a Good Amazon Board

While the hunt might take a little longer, there are ways to find a decent skateboard on Amazon:

  • Look Beyond the Low Price: Remember, you get what you pay for. Super cheap boards often use inferior materials that can break easily and hinder your progress.
  • Do Your Brand Research: Don’t just rely on product descriptions. Look up the brand online and see what other skaters say about their quality and durability.
  • Read Reviews with a Critical Grind: Reviews can be helpful, but be cautious of overly positive ones. Look for reviews that mention specific aspects of the board, like the deck quality or truck responsiveness.

Alternatives to Consider: Dropping In on Dedicated Skate Shops

While Amazon offers convenience, for a guaranteed quality board, consider these options:

  • Support Local Skate Shops:  These shops have a wealth of knowledge and can recommend the perfect board for your skill level and riding style. Plus, you’re directly supporting the skateboarding community.
  • Online Skate Shops: Reputable online skate shops often curate their selection, ensuring you get a board from a trusted brand.

Final Verdict: Shred or Sit This One Out?

Amazon can be a starting point for your skateboard search but be prepared to invest time in research. If you’re a beginner or prioritize top-notch quality, venturing to a dedicated skate shop might be the better route to land the perfect board for conquering those ramps and sidewalks.