What Skateboards Are The Best

capsule skateboards session

Picking the right skateboard deck can feel confusing. What’s the difference between tons of brands, the same wood, and similar shapes?

The truth is, most decks are pretty similar. They use standard wood and designs. But amidst this sea of similarity, there might be a hidden gem: Capsule Skateboards, a brand that could ignite a new spark in your skateboarding journey.

Capsule spent seven years experimenting to build a better deck. Did they succeed? The jury’s out, but their dedication is impressive!

So, what’s the takeaway?

  • Most decks are similar, but innovation exists. Capsule is a prime example.
  • Focus on good brands. Look for ones known for quality and pushing the limits.
  • It’s not just materials. Deck shape, feel (pop), and your style all matter.

The “best” deck depends on you! Here’s how to choose:

  • Research brands. See if they focus on quality and new ideas.
  • Read reviews. Get skater insights on different brands.
  • Try before you buy! Feel different decks at a skate shop.

Don’t stress about every brand. With a little research, you’ll find the perfect deck to launch your next grind!