The Foundation of Every Ride: What’s a Skateboard Deck Made Of?

Pericles- Capsule Skateboards

For skateboarding newbies and veterans alike, the deck is the heart and soul of the board. It’s the platform for carving tricks, cruising the streets, and mastering new manoeuvres. But have you ever stopped to think about what goes into building that sturdy surface you rely on?

Traditionally, skateboard decks are crafted from plywood, specifically made of thin layers of wood glued together. But not just any wood will do. Here’s where things get interesting:

  • Hard Maple: This reigns supreme in the deck-making world. Renowned for its stiffness and pop, hard maple can handle the impact of intense tricks and provide riders with a responsive feel.


  • The Capsule Skateboards Difference: While many brands use maple wood, we go further. We researched materials worldwide to find the correct balance of lightweight, durability and sustainability, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency. Our commitment allowed us to produce a board to help your endeavour progress.