Why would it take so long to receive the goodies?

  • Simply, the boards are handmade by us, we don’t order them from China sweatshops.

    Also, we pay attention to details during the manufacturing process, which takes a bit more time.

Why don’t you outsource the manufacturing?

  • First of all, the construction formula and manufacturing process is invented by us, after trials, errors and retries since 2015!

    Also, we want our “babies” to be perfect! So, we wouldn’t trust anyone else to make them but us!

I am a beginner. Which board should i choose?

  • On which board you should choose, it always depends on how you are going to use the board.
    If its usage will be in the skatepark trying to learn tricks then you will choose a skateboard (consult for the size in each products' page).

    If you will use it as a simple cruising method or even learning to balance while rolling, then you must choose our Diamantis cruiser longboard.
    If you want to "bomb" hills..... really? Only an experienced rider should do that!! Going up to 130 kilometres/ hour on steep hills and turns, for this discipline we recommend our Circaetus board.

    P.S: If you don't have the relevant accessories (trucks, wheels etc.) then head to our "completes" section where you can buy our boards paired with high quality accessories for a complete board.

Do you offer a warranty?

  • We are very confident about our board’s quality and features, therefore we offer a 180 days warranty!



    Warranty only guarantees breakage during a session. This does not include “Focused” decks. So, take your “Focused” board and recycle it in the nearest recycling plant, because we don’t want them. This warranty also covers warping, delamination, manufacture defects and overall craftsmanship.



    Decks broken in middle of the deck, “Focused” decks.

    Decks carelessly left outside,

    Water, snow and/or heat damage,

    Improper assembly of accessories or decks that have been modified including re-drilling of truck holes or re-shaped.

    Intentional and deliberate attempts of breakage.

    Decks run over by any motorized or un-motorized vehicle.

    Normal wear and abuse including: Chipping from ground, curbs, or walls Nose and Tail wear from repetitive ground or obstacle contact.

    Complete skateboards / longboards will not be replaced in full. The guarantee covers replacement of skateboard decks only. Additional products/parts used are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty and as such any issues/returns are the responsibility of those respective manufacturers.



    1. Complete the below registration form within 180 days from the date of purchase.

    2. If you have a problem with your Capsule Skateboards deck and want to return it,

    return the defective deck with a copy of the sales receipt to Capsule Skateboards.

    ATTN: Capsule Skateboards DECK GUARANTEE

    28th October Ave. 72, Office 301
    2414 Engomi
    Nicosia, Cyprus

What is your payment method?

  • We only accept credit card payment.

    We use Braintree payment platform, which is part of PayPal, the most well-known name in payment platforms.

Are the completes pre-assembled?

  • Nope. Setting up a complete takes time.
    So, the time that we take to manufacture and apply Quality Controls will be minimized and we don't want that.
    If this will be your first time setting up a complete board then don’t worry.
    We will include a manual in the package on how you can set it up AND a video in our YouTube channel.

What are the loyalty points?

  • Loyalty points are offered per euro of purchase from our webstore.
    Every Capsule customer that will opt-in for our loyalty program will be eligible for special, unique merchandise or big discounts on our products in the near future.

Is the graphic on the bottom or the top?

  • The design will be printed on the bottom of the board (wheels side).

Do you offer any discounts?

  • On special occasions yes. But mostly, for our email subscribers, so the only reliable, sure-fire way to reap the benefits of your interest and enthusiasm is to sign up in the footer below.

    Don't worry, we only send a couple of emails per year and they're pretty low-key.

What are the fastest skateboard bearings?

  • Just look the ABEC rating. The higher, the faster.

How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping cost varies and can be looked up upon checkout.
    There may be an additional import tax or customs charge which Capsule Skateboards does not cover.

How much will duty and tax fees be if I'm ordering outside of Cyprus?

  • Cyprus is in the European Union. Therefore, any orders from countries that are also in the EU won’t have any duty fees.

    Outside of EU: For each country is different and the fees constantly change. We recommend contacting your local port authorities, post office or courier companies to get a rough estimate on duties and tax fees.

When will my order arrive?

  • The estimated time of delivery is written on each products’ page


I placed an order but haven’t received any order confirmation. Has my order gone through?

  • Please make sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation email.
    If you still don’t see it, please send us an email with your full name at 
    [email protected] and let us know you placed an order and never received an order confirmation.
    We will look up your order and confirm it went through.

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we do!

Where can I direct press/ marketing inquiries?


  • The returned items should be new and boxed as new. Please do not remove the labels and, if possible, use the packing box in which the order was delivered in order to prevent damage to the product packaging. If the labels have been removed, please return them along with the items anyway.

    Cut out the return label and attach it to the parcel with adhesive tape or glue. If available, remove old labels and bar codes on the outside of the box so that the parcel is properly addressed.

    Bring the parcel to your nearest post office / pickup point and keep the receipt until we confirm by email that we've received your return. You can track the status of your parcel online with the help of the tracking number.


  • We guarantee the refund of paid sums within 10 days after arrival at our warehouse.
    Credit from PayPal or credit card payments will be refunded to the very same PayPal or credit card account.

Return Policy- is the return free?

  • Returns are free if you use the return documents that we provide you with. We offer free returns in nearly every country in the European Union.

    We do not cover the cost of returns from: Andorra, Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Canary Islands, Japan, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Réunion, San Marino, Serbia and Vatican State as well as some small tax-exempt territories within the European Union like the Channel Islands or Jersey.

    If you're from one of these regions and would like to make a return, please contact us.

I have another question

  • We are here to help!
    You can send us a message here and we’ll reply as soon as possible!